Monday, August 9, 2010

**aRT uNRaVeLeD**

This past Saturday, I was a Vendor at a terrific annual Mixed Media Show called, Art Unraveled. I have attended as a shopper in the past, but this is the 1st year I signed on as a Vendor. It was so much fun!!! I will be signing up again next year!

There was the large Ballroom and the smaller room,
which is where my booth was located.
There were over 50+ Vendors offering OOAK art, supplies, ephemera, art rubber stamps,
vintage anything, assemblage & collage items, etc, etc...

Art Unraveled is held every year in the Phoenix, AZ area and is usually scheduled in early August. Art Unraveled is fantastic! Lots of wonderful mixed media and altered art treasures to be found!

Vendors setting up in the smaller room.

Here are my 2 tables (BEFORE).
I definitely need more space next year!

Setting up...couldn't get everything on the tables.

(After) Lots & lots of goodies!

Lots of stuff!!!

Here is my friend, Miss Tricia of Vintage Bliss.
She had an AMAZING set-up, but the photo I took came out too blurry. You can see her fantastic photos of Art Unraveled on her Blog.

Here is the Ballroom before opening.

Paula Best stamps.

Friendly shoppers!
Thank-you for visiting my booth!

Lots of shoppers!

Here is my booth neighbor, Staffordshire Garden Designs.

Art Unraveled is annual, every year in August (super HOT in Phoenix!)...but, it's so much fun and the people are fantastic and friendly. It's a very well-organized event too.


missy k said...

I wish wish wish wish we had place THIS good in England :(

Thank you for visiting my blog btw


missy k said...

oops.... I meant places!



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