Monday, June 4, 2007

In the beginnings....

Oh! How I love to create & stamp Paper Art projects...I think it is a way to bring out your inner soul. I have always been busy drawing as a young child.

In High School, I wanted to be a Costume Designer and go to an ART & Design School in California...which didn't happen (other things came up!). I did manage to take several Design, Art, & Illustration classes at the local college. People always told me my sketches & ideas were outstanding and how creative I was! I even won an award at one Employer for "MOST CREATIVE EMPLOYEE".

I did continue to draw and sketch and create...on paper and fabric over the years. I have designed some costumes for a Community Theatre, volunteered as Wardrobe Coordinator for a local Cable Access TV show years ago, made baby quilts for a non-profit group "Sewing for Babies" (they donate handmade quilts to various local hospitals for preemies and stillborn babies).

I love HOW there are now so many resources available to create Artsy projects. The possibilities are endless!!!!

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Julie Campbell said...

Your altered paper bag album looks awesome! I'd love to read more about how you made it! Congratulations on your new blog! I found you from a link on Shabbychick Junk's site. Keep it up!


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